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A respite for homeowners. Florida insurer reduces home insurance rates.

The state of Florida in the United States, influenced by a vast cultural diversity is recognized worldwide for its tourist attractions, beaches and gigantic natural parks.

Currently, it occupies the third place at a demographic level in its country and its geographical position places it in a huge peninsula, perhaps the largest in the North American territory where factors such as the tropical climate associated with major storms and its vulnerability to hurricane formation from the Caribbean Sea, of which records are available from 1851 to the present, make them characteristics of this state that make it unique.

It should be noted that according to the information provided by the newspaper: El Nuevo Herald. The State Farm insurer has announced to its clients (around 270000) that thanks to the decrease in hurricanes in the last year, there is significant savings that will positively impact their interests by lowering the rate to 14.4 percent.

The positive news is that the reduction in expenses generated by the decrease of these natural events allows significant savings and the subsequent reduction of the value in future policies especially for those clients who still have a debt with the bank and must keep their home insured. The savings figures reach $ 95.9 million which will be distributed to the current clients of the insurer according to the coverage conditions and characteristics of each of the policies.

According to this, the company’s insurance agents such as: María Elena Cisneros are in charge of communicating the good news to their clients. On the one hand, they are notified of the possible savings they may have during the annual service of the policy, which will be reflected in the balance of the escrow at the end of the year and on the other hand managers such as:

Dan Krause, affirm that factors such as the stable trend of non-catastrophic losses, the optimization of expenses and losses and the financial stability with which the company has made it possible to support the decision of the insurer against the value of the policies.

In this regard, it should be expressed that it is a unique situation for the inhabitants of the region in which two important elements intervene, such as: first, the climatic factor, which is given by the conditions of nature and in some cases the product of the anthropic intervention of recent years.

Actions that have deteriorated the ecosystem generating climate change and global warming among others. Secondly, the positive economic and financial impact that this situation generates in the population in the short, medium and long term is recognized as current policies come with benefits thanks to the few ravages and damages caused by ecological disasters, which in many cases lead to the average and total loss of housing.

In this regard, it should be clarified that State Farm is an insurer that originated from the ravages generated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and that to date has had an exponential growth due to repeated natural disasters.

This firm retains the tradition from its origins with the clients that started and those who have taken their services today. As an element of regulations, State Farm secures the properties that have been built under the new construction code of 1994. Today the insurer is able to offer its potential clients benefits in the service such as: discounts in the value of the policy according to the client’s own circumstances, decrease in long-term contracted rates and reduction of rates. Likewise, as an added value of the company, this allows customers to compare costs with those of other insurers.

Now it is appropriate to highlight the recommendations made by the insurer so that its clients are prepared for eventualities of a natural nature such as: Analyze the coverage regarding the needs of the property and its personal items.

Have the inventories of belongings under control and have photographic records of them with the aim of having their value recorded. Have your home protected and adapted for these situations, remove the trees or prune them to prevent them from flying. It is essential to have an emergency kit with bottled water, canned food, blankets and important protected documents. It must also be accompanied by an evacuation and protection plan.

In short, the people of the state of Florida, and the State Farm insurer have benefited from the decrease in hurricane formation and natural disasters.