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Are you going to travel to the United States and need car insurance?

If you plan to go on a trip to the United States and need or want to drive a car during the course of your trip, the first thing you should keep in mind is to be well informed about the legal documents and procedures that you must carry out in order to carry it out: of an international driver’s license, two process car insurance.

In the United States, when purchasing a car, a compulsory basic liability insurance is required by law (liability insurance). This insurance offers protection against injuries and damages caused by a car accident caused by people and property. In this type of insurance, the insured is requested financial compensation for damages to others. However, this type of insurance is insufficient since it does not cover damages presented or caused to the car, nor is it responsible for the injuries suffered on the person who acquires the insurance causing the accident.
This situation leads to insurance companies offering a variety of automobile policies for both residents and visiting foreign citizens who are passing through the country and have a valid legal visa and an international driver’s license. Keep in mind that insurance is not only a legal requirement demanded by the country, it is a prevention of risks to one’s own life or that of someone else and it is also a prevention of financial risks.

To process insurance in the United States, you must keep in mind that each state establishes its own requirements for coverage policies, so it is necessary to investigate these conditions before the trip.

Process requirements that can serve as guidance

From your home country you must process an international driver’s license, this license will be requested at the time of insuring the vehicle in the United States. Without this document it is impossible to get the policy in that country or in any other that you plan to visit.

You need to study the state to which you will travel. It is important that you know the typology of streets, avenues, parking lots. It is also essential that you familiarize yourself with your traffic rules and regulations; also with the way of driving. If you would like more information, visit the Department of Transportation, United States.

Examine the type of insurance you need very well, since this depends on the area to visit. This will help you plan the coverage and the precise requirements to acquire auto insurance for foreigners very well. It is very important that there is no information left unchecked to avoid inconvenience.

Here at Insurance without barriers we can provide you with the legal advice you require and we can offer you the policy that best suits those needs.

Once you decide the insurance company with which you are going to carry out the procedure, be sure to inform the advisor what are your routes within the country so that he can offer you the best policy. Remember that each state is independent with its coverage policies. It may be that you need comprehensive protection insurance or that you don’t need that much; It all depends on the displacement of what you will do in the car and what risks you may face.

Let the advisor know the times of your stay in the country and in the state you are visiting, as well as the visa you have; It is necessary that the dates of permanence be fully contemplated so that they can set the rate of insurance to be paid and that it covers the longest period possible.

If you have family members residing in the United States, ask if it is possible to be added to the policy that they acquired. This is an easy way to get insurance and offers you a better rate and coverage conditions.

Keep this last information in mind:

You can manage the purchase of the policy using your credit card. Some cards offer, among other plans, car insurance or medical assistance abroad. This will avoid additional procedures.
Some states request additionally and by law to insure a car, that financial capacity is demonstrated to be able to pay the damages that it can cause in case of an accident. We recommend you take a copy of your bank statements that prove your economic condition. It is important to keep in mind that the laws change frequently and that sometimes you will be asked for extra documentation.

We hope that all the information presented here has been useful to get an idea, take action and define the best car insurance company that matches your needs.