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Are you sure you are ready for your trip to the US?

You’ve been planning it for a long time:
Visa ✓
Tickets ✓
Hotel ✓
Tour ✓
Transportation ✓
Suitcases ✓
You win ✓
Travel insurance? X
Today you are more relieved than ever, you feel like it, strength, in better words completely healthy, but you know at what time this can change?
Many times before our trip to the US We make our check list and we feel calm because “everything” is organized. However, there are many people who neglect the most important detail, foresee a difficult health situation that was not available, and their trip to the USA. It ends in a true ordeal, totally indebted, seeing you or your favorite person die and not have the resources to help her.
In U.S.A. There is no socialized health system and although in your home country you are very well covered with policies or prepaid medicine or even have the financial resources to pay in particular, in the US. The value of a single emergency entrance can cost you or your whole family the economic stability they had for years.
There are different travel insurances that fit the needs of each person, even some you can buy in your home country or also in the US The decision varies according to each one. The recommendation is to buy it in the USA. because they are adjusted to the real medical and hospital circumstances of the country.

The medical insurance

The medical insurances that are known in the market fall into two categories:
Travel medical insurance: This is the best known insurance in the market and in turn is divided into:
Fixed Coverage: Lowest price, limited coverage.
Comprehensive coverage: Higher price, better coverage.
Most people make the decision to opt for fixed coverage due to its low price, without evaluating and measuring the consequences of this election. Therefore, to make the best and most accurate decision, it is essential to be clear about the purpose of the trip, the age of the travelers, their current health conditions and, accordingly, evaluate the possible risks to be able to decide, which is the best alternative.
Never a good option will be the least value, because as the saying goes: “Cheap is expensive” and being your health and who you love is really expensive.
Travel cancellation insurance: This not only has emergency medical coverage, but also allows you to reimburse travel costs in case of unexpected cancellation. This is an appropriate insurance for executives, independents, athletes who depend on advancing in the finals and for all those people who normally travel depends on third parties and external situations that may affect their itinerary.
Remember that like any product that is on the market, life insurance is no exception and what is sought is to sell; therefore, its most attractive points will always be in capital and bold letters, to focus your attention, forgetting the famous lowercase letter of any contract and this is precisely where we must pay special attention because it is in these paragraphs where the preexistence and Service limitations are diminutively explicit, which often leads us to end up making an emotional decision, little argued and not a mental and well informed one.
Buying travel insurance is definitely not a matter of lightness, many times our little knowledge on the subject, the great offer on the market, the desire to buy insurance, among others, leads us to make incorrect decisions and very expensive; that’s why in the US There are licensed insurance agents, who can advise each specific case, do not let the voice to voice, the reference of a friend who did well with certain insurance are the decisive factors for you, because life insurance is so Personal such as your blood type and not having the right one can lead you to lose your life.

According to this, the important thing is to make a comparative chart of the plans proposed by the different websites that promote these insurances and weigh in the balance which one you need. What you have heard about any of them can serve as a reference to nurture your decision, but they can never be the definitive element for you to make your choice.

Which is the best?

It all depends on you, on your personal and economic circumstances, on the type of trip you are going to make and on the advice you are looking for for a subject that you do not know, so we take care to show you what many times you cannot see.