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Because tranquility, in itself, is priceless: Buy your car insurance!

Everyone, at some point in our lives, has complained about car insurance and we have done so for different reasons: for its cost, for its obligatory nature imposed by the law, for its low utility given the probabilities of occurrence of the events that they cover themselves with these, because of the cumbersomeness of their errands and, so on, for a thousand more reasons.

All of the above finds its origin in different ways of thinking that are installed in the collective-cultural imaginary of our daily lives, such as: “I am an excellent driver, so it is unlikely to happen to me,” “that kind of things only happen to others ”,“ God is with me and will prevent something bad from happening to me ”or the unconscious belief that things are eternal. You will tell me if I am wrong to conclude that we have all come to think this way … Conclude.

And … of course, to have nonconformities and express them is important (and necessary), since it is from them that continuous improvement and reduction of the chances of making mistakes are achieved; as well as covering the needs in a more real way by those who must cover them.

The point is that, in the United States, having insurance is mandatory and that is an undeniable reality that must be assumed with integrity, conscience and responsibility. Beyond its mandatory nature, it must be thought that having it (insurance) arises from its recognition as a necessity.

Need? Yes, as is; But why is car insurance in the United States necessary? Here is a list of reasons to think about how necessary it is and why acquiring it is quite beneficial for us:

To have auto insurance is to have financial protection over your economic assets, that is, over the expenses that would be incurred by the damages that our vehicles may suffer in accidents or accidents.

This insurance will assume the non-contractual civil responsibility of the damages that are caused in the other vehicles or other people’s property impacted as collateral effect of the accident or the accident.

In the event that, after an accident or an accident, both our health and integrity and that of the people involved in the event are compromised, the insurance will cover all or part of the expenses incurred.

Maintaining current insurance documentation and at hand will prevent violations of the law and subsequent fines.

The costs of maintaining the validity of this documentation are much lower than the costs you would incur in the event of an accident or accident and not being insured; where they are contemplated:

restoration of the vehicle or of the own good, restoration of the vehicle or of the other’s good, costs of the legal and conciliation processes, counseling of lawyers, own and other people’s hospitalizations, own and other people’s subsequent medical treatments and, clearly, the fines legal effects that are given by not being insured, among other insurgent and logistical expenses.
After everything mentioned so far, we agree that having car insurance is not only necessary, but that it is quite beneficial, isn’t it?

If we go back to what we have been mentioning above about our way of thinking collectively and culturally about “nothing can happen to me”, we will realize that we are only trying to excuse ourselves for failing to fulfill our duties both with ourselves and with others. Even believing ourselves very capable and “omnipotent,” we will never have the true certainty that nothing can happen to us; when the crisis comes, it does so in a surprising way and (in most cases) without us being prepared to face it.

Here, three of the most common and recurring reasons for fatal traffic accidents in the United States (according to the online portal La Opinion):
Driving under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances.

Do not use the different self-protection and self-restraint and passenger systems (such as seat belts or airbags).

Exceed the allowed speed limits.
Three reasons that incorporate situations in which you, dear reader, may become identified and, if that is the case, feel fortunate to be in this moment where you are and not in any other situation.