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We all want to be protected from any eventuality in life. That is why it is of great importance that we move forward and take out life insurance for ourselves and at the same time for our families.

We do not necessarily insure ourselves on the grounds of death, we can also have some disease or difficulty that makes it impossible for us to work the rest of our days and that is when the insurance we have taken and are paying or have already paid enters to lend us a benefit of our own and to our families.

There are many modalities in terms of life insurance, we can take it temporarily or flexibly according to our economic capabilities and the coverage we want to have.

Temporary life insurance will be for as long as the contractor decides. A value called premium will be paid and if the contracting party dies during the time of this coverage, his family will be given a value initially established in the respective contract.

Flexible life insurance covers the insured’s death for a limited time or can also cover some disability due to accident or illness through compensation. It can also be received due to unemployment.

Also, we can ensure the study of children so that in the future it is not such a big burden on the budget and suddenly we have to leave our children without study due to lack of income. We can take the respective insurance and pay a premium for a time established in the contract and when it is time we will cancel with this money your professional training without causing us a deficit in the economy we handle.

Another modality that is possible to obtain is savings insurance, with which we can ensure income when age, health or other inconvenience does not allow us to produce. In this way we will have covered any future eventuality or simply have extra money for our own well-being and that of our loved ones.

These life insurances are a simple way by which we can obtain resources for the future, just by getting used to saving healthily without realizing it through a monthly premium. We generally spend money on meaningless things just out of habit of spending and do not schedule ourselves for these great and beneficial opportunities offered by financial institutions.

Accessing the pages of AMIS or the Bureau of Financial Entities we can obtain more information about these great benefits.

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) offers public service modalities, for example, Modality 40 for those who have no employer for more than 5 years. For this purpose, the Health body directed by Zoé Robledo Aburto, at the beginning of each year establishes the costs of the respective services. These in turn vary according to the level at which it is requested, first, second or third, for beneficiaries.

If you are not entitled, you should consult a table in which the costs of the services provided are fixed, updated as of 2020 and set by level. Services from a laboratory test, chemotherapies or any type of health requirement. It is important to analyze the differences in expenses whether or not you are entitled, with a particular of 92% or with the IMSS 8%. It is worth joining and being entitled to all coverage, we do not know when we may need it. At this time, 34% of the population has life insurance while 66% do not have it.

Individual life insurance can be used as a long-term investment instrument through policies called dotal and can be hired from 18 years of age. For example, a total of 20 means that an insurance value is set and hired for 20 years. After this period of time and if the contracting party has not died, the contracted value will be returned.

A beneficiary of an Insurance Policy must know that in order to collect it when required, he must present certain documents, which he must have on hand in order to claim it. Likewise, there is a period to make the claim when the policyholder dies, which is generally 2 years. The requirements vary according to the coverage acquired.

In the event that the death is by natural case, the beneficiaries must present the birth certificate, the death certificate and a legal identification document of the deceased, as well as the respective legal identification of each beneficiary, among other documents that must be Review among the requirements that are set for the right to collect the policy, set by (Amasfac) – Mexican Association of Insurance and Finance Agents.

On some occasions the beneficiaries struggle to get the documentation that is required of them, so they take time to enforce this right.