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Cars and insurance policies

Each person has a different motivation when buying a car, some acquire it for luxury and comfort, others are tired of the stress of public transport, there are those who have carefully saved to acquire it as a family heritage and there are also those who want to drive your time to get to work on time or return home earlier.

However, beyond the desire to have a car and the budget to buy it, it represents a responsibility that some have not considered, such as annual fuel costs, taxes, maintenance and insurance policy.

Some of those expenses can wait, but the insurance policies are different, they are mandatory in every city in the United States and in the world.
In fact, there are Car Insurance Companies, which are companies dedicated to risk analysis for each case, which then offer one or more service packages tailored to the needs of each person. Thus, the risk of accident of the city, the type of car and age are considered as relevant aspects. For example, it is estimated that there is a greater risk of accidents in young men between 16 and 29 years old, than in women of the same age or men over 30 years old.

Based on these factors, different rates have been established at home state of the country, with Maine (with US $ 864 annually) along with Ohio, Illinois and Vermont offering the cheapest policies, while New Jersey is the state with the more expensive policies (US $ 2500 per year), followed by New York, Maryland and Louisiana.

On the other hand, although it is the law that demands the payment of a car insurance policy, there are other motivations that can make us ignore the price, such as the fear of suffering a serious accident, its economic impact, providing family welfare, economic and emotional in case of death, or to protect their assets; Well, insurance companies generally offer support in cases of loss, theft, accidents and damage to third parties, among other benefits.

Every hour a car is bought in the United States

Did you know that on average, every hour you buy a car in the United States? That is, at this time, someone is buying a new or used car and with it, an insurance policy that may have previously added to your budget, or maybe not, but that promises to provide less worries about the uncertain future, to from now on.

Although this becomes a bit ironic, right? Well, some time ago people only thought of getting something immediately, and they never anticipated a long-term consequence or risk, nor did they pay for protection or support, they simply covered the expenses that arose as a result of an action, purchase or purchase. adverse situation. But, at present it seems that the world revolves around insurance policies, until it almost seems like a fad. (Although there are some quite useful, such as life insurance policies.)

And the issue does not end there. Now, we see on the one hand, the amount of jobs generated from risk analysis, advice, management, sale and renewal of policies. And on the other side, there is the legal obligation to acquire them, and also the fears, which generally arise when listening to bad experiences of other drivers, seeing twisted irons and ambulances in the news or only, reading the statistics in the morning newspaper.

What difference does it make

It does not matter if a service such as auto, life or other insurance is acquired, driven by fear, uncertainty or the desire to protect those he loves, and it is also not relevant if insurers are generating jobs, or only enrich themselves daily with the fees we pay for services that we do not use frequently. (And thank God we don’t use them.) What matters is to get good advice when buying one. Some recommend seeking advice to choose a plan with good coverage, because there are those who prefer the cheapest package, and when they read the small print of the contract already signed, they realize that it does not cover everything that was believed. Then, in addition to paying the policy premiums, you must cover the extra expenses with your own money, while learning in your own flesh that “cheap is expensive.”

However, having cheap car insurance is better than not having any, since being illegal not to have it, this will lead to penalties and your economy will be affected, since you will have to bear the medical expenses and the necessary repairs of your car. damage to a third party Keep in mind that, insurers do not give the user when accidents occur under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or when their driver’s license has expired, which could cause fines, license suspension or even lawsuits.

In the end, the truth is that insurance policies have become a legal requirement and a necessity for each buyer of a car, a house or another good; and all we can do is analyze well how much we are willing to invest in a car, and consider the insurance policy as the key that makes it work, because it is practically that, without it, you will not be able to move your car even a meter away From home.