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Insurance in a changing world

For no one is a secret that we live in different times, the world every day moves faster and faster, leaving few moments for calm and making everyone dedicated to what we need to make ends meet.

As if that were not enough, the group of countries we call the world does not settle for running from side to side, from coffee to coffee and from row to row, but, from time to time, choose to put us all in tension , with news that nobody expected; earthquakes in Central America, typhoons in Asia, vandalism in southern countries, or suddenly, threats of an almost imminent war that appears between countries of the rising sun.

We have all listened to a neighbor, a friend, even a colleague, if it was not we who told the story of how a party night has ended in tragedy; the internet aggravates the situation by allowing social networks to invade us with pretentious and worrisome hashtags, which suggest an advanced state in the social decomposition that both scholars talk about, and of which some more adventurous we have heard in a documentary that we see because of insomnia. And that is why, with each event that happens, little by little, the anguish and doubts begin to afflict our existence.

We have all wondered at some point, what would happen if we were that boy who suddenly fell from a building, or that couple that was traveling in his car, maybe we could be that friendly baker, who died in the last robbery that his establishment suffered, or perhaps, in a more twisted turn of fate, we are that person with a fulminating disease, which steals the days of his body, in a matter of a couple of months.

Everything begins to seem ephemeral, fleeting, almost a lie, and we wonder if everything that we have fought for, all that we have dreamed of, has been in vain, if our children will remain in a legal and financial limbo, which will not allow That they fulfill their dreams, if our parents will be without a livelihood, or if our partner, who has given us the best years of his life, will have to redo and rethink every single detail of his master plan.

And, we have been lucky or not in all our projects, that rainy day, that car got wet, our balloon that afternoon was released, and without realizing it, we stumbled and fell while we were going to that important meeting.

And just like that, suddenly, without warnings or elaborate trades, life changes, or rather, it goes away; Perhaps the part that stuns us the most is the impossibility of doing something to change this, it is not possible, at least not in a real scenario, to foresee sudden turns, catastrophes, robberies, illnesses, or lost bullets, the only thing we can do, in a safe and accurate way, is to have a contingency plan, solid and beneficial enough, to solve any issue we may have pending.

A great tool for this, they are the so famous life insurance, it is enough to have access to the necessary information, so that to consider it closely, it is more than an option to choose, since having an economic certainty for our loved ones, it sounds almost like a dream. 6 months will be enough so that, in case of missing, the beneficiaries of our “plan b” can receive the deposit that arises in compliance with them. One of the most interesting points is that someone can be a beneficiary without even knowing it, this will avoid awkward conversations or discussions, you can simply make a decision and point.
Peace of mind, tops the immense list of benefits that it can bring for a person on foot to obtain life insurance, and that is to guarantee the safety of our loved ones, an alternative plan for old age, fair compensation for all our family members, or even, a good university for our little ones, are benefits generous enough to decide to obtain this type of services.

This without even mentioning the tax benefits that these contracts entail, since a large portion of the total value can be deducted directly in each person’s tax return.

However, when it comes to such an important issue, it will always be wise to meet the best companies in the market, this in order to find the best offer, and the most reliable, it will always be good that our special ally, that will provide the support that you want to provide your loved ones, be a solid, robust, reliable company, so that you can dedicate yourself to live every moment with total peace of mind, because you will know, that you have done what is necessary, so that an unfortunate event does not interrupt The future of your loved ones.

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