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Without a doubt, the economic situations experienced in each country are a clear example of the daily struggle for the “Recovery of the economic balance.” Every economy is a reflection of the good or bad management of the organisms in charge of its movement, therefore, it depends mostly on whether the balance moves towards one or the other, or if it achieves a balance that favors all the population.

Here I refer to “a few”, which are those that make loans, that use banking and financial services for this type of services and the “others” so many more, which represent the majority of the whole society: the people of the common, the unemployed and those who consume the basic products of the family basket with the little money that enters their homes.

It should be clarified that I do not mean that people with low or medium payment capacity do not use the services of loans, loans or mortgages, but that most of those who carry out this type of process are people with greater economic fluency.

The case developed in the article on “Bad news if they have credits or mortgages in the US: The Federal Reserve increases the interest rate again” of the Univisión chain, gives an evident sample of the types of movements that are necessary to perform in an economy to that the “others” referring to the majority, can benefit and the economy can reach a balance.

This case of the United States and the decisions taken by the Federal Reserve, although for “some” it means a situation to worry about because those people who have acquired such financial products as credits or mortgages will be affected as to the value of the interest that established if it was with a variable interest rate they must contribute a greater amount of money to fulfill their obligations, this group of the “ones” are also part of the entrepreneurs who will see how the acquisition of products is reduced through the purchase with credit cards, consumer credits, for housing or vehicles, just by mentioning some business sectors that would be “affected.”

On the other hand, “many others” will benefit from the extent to which the adjustments made in the economy by raising the interest rate allow a reduction in inflation and therefore a reduction in the prices of consumer products in In general, demand and prices of goods and services that they can access more easily, in the same way it also influences the reduction of unemployment due to the spaces that will be allowed to be created in the labor market due to the decrease in inflation .

Some by others – adjustments to some so that others benefit – those “ones” that have long benefited economically from all these types of financial movements with lower interest rates than those established by the Federal Reserve in this case.

With the search for equilibrium in the US economy, the gaze of the great entities and the government itself towards the less favored sectors becomes visible, an equilibrium point is reached in which those who have less possibilities can access the necessary benefits and products for survival in a country like this, products that with high inflation were almost inaccessible or had to make a great sacrifice in order to obtain them.

A stable, growing economy, which takes into account each sector of society, which thinks of the “others”, which makes the balance move towards those who in other times had no possibilities, makes it an inclusive economic model, which makes move the economy at each end of the balance, not being unfair to the “ones” but allowing them to be part of the economic and social change generated by their contributions to the economy, from their possibilities and capabilities, “returning” in a way a percentage of what was received in the seven years in which interest rates were at 0%.

Undoubtedly the recovery of the economy in the US and in any country in the world, should take into account all sectors of society, that if the balance has tilted towards a specific sector, measures and adjustments are taken that allow little to Little is beginning to lean towards those sectors that are less favored, until the balance reaches that equilibrium point where everyone, both the “ones” and the “others” can benefit and thus all participate in the restoration of the economy from the country.