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According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are oral health problems such as caries and gingivitis that affect between 60% and 90% of children and adults around the world, having a significant impact on the quality of life, this series of problems are commonly given because many people do not go to dental centers or consultations constantly since most of the time the costs are high, however there is an option to prevent and treat the aforementioned, that option is dental insurance a plan totally viable that provides a series of services with a single monthly fee. If you are an employer or employee of a specific entity and are concerned about the health of your employees and family insurance, you will be interested in knowing the amount of benefits offered by these insurance.

What are dental insurance?

A dental insurance is a benefit plan that offers affordability, prevention and profitability with everything related to dental health, so a series of services are offered to people who purchase it, these plans are endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Who can access these dental plans?

Basically anyone can access these plans either independently or through the entity where they are employed, employers can make a direct contract with the entities that present the service thus costing almost 80% of the oral health of their employees , without the need for intermediaries that may generate additional costs.

Plans, services and benefits provided by dental insurance

Dental insurance is paid in a single monthly fee, either through the employer or independently, the difference between having a dental plan and going to a doctor independently is the large amount of costs that are reduced and the Quality of service provided, since once you are in the dental insurance independent of the monthly fee, the treatment you require will be paid up to 100%.

If you obtain dental insurance through the company where you are employed, it means that you are in a self-funded plan where you must choose a doctor’s office and doctors who have a direct contract with the dental insurance where you are affiliated, however, there are two other options which are: the network plan, in this you can go to your trusted doctor making sure that dental insurance covers a certain part of the services and assuming the remaining costs; The other option is the closed panel plan where you can only go to the entities and doctors affiliated to the insurance, since otherwise you will not be able to receive the benefits and reimbursements of the medical insurance you are paying.

The services and benefits that you can obtain through insurance are the following:

Preventive diagnostic and emergency services: In this, you can obtain prevention, diagnosis and solution of dental problems, so you can access X-rays, cleanings, and treatments that will be paid 100% by your insurance.

Basic restoration dental care: In this service a large number of treatments will be covered by 80% depending on your immediate need, these treatments can be, restoration, maxillofacial surgery, periodontal treatment, and root canal treatment.

Specialized dental restoration care: This service pays attention to much more specialized and specific cases such as the posture of prostheses, dental crowns, bridges and orthodontics, with coverage of up to 50%.

When obtaining insurance, you should consider which of the three previous services adapts to your needs and those of your family, once you choose the service with which you want to be benefited, it is appropriate to take into account the proximity of the dental centers that are part of the insurance, the cost of the monthly fee and which plans have their acquaintances, so you can guide much better, however in the following links you can consulate for the United States dental insurance that suits your needs and budget.

Finally we can see how through dental insurance your employers and family will smile again safely and saving costs, since they are practically designed for the specific needs of each person, currently in the market there are a lot of insurance that One way or another they will be friendly with their pockets, and this at the same time will guarantee a remarkable improvement in the quality of life.