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We live day to day, but, at some point we stop to think about the risk that this implies?

I consider it a topic that maybe we should all think at some point. For this there are insurance companies that are dedicated to designing multiple alternatives that can accommodate the budget and needs of each person, thus managing to meet the demand of users of this type of product
The range is wide and is just a matter of advising and documenting about it to choose the right option.

Here are some examples of the most common benefits life insurance offers.

Most common benefits

  • Help for family members in case of death

    This is perhaps the first benefit a person seeks in life insurance. We are all interested in the well-being of our family members or people we love so that when we think about the future and the inevitable fact of death, we seek to provide them with protection beyond our absence. The benefit consists in granting financial assistance of a certain amount which is given to one or more beneficiaries in case of death.

    Economic assistance in case of partial or permanent disability In the workplace, for example, depending on our activity we may be exposed to accident risk factors. Another factor to consider is the risk of contracting or developing diseases that minimize our workforce.

    Hence the importance of this benefit, since the medical services that are acquired when working, generally cover only the medical expenses that are generated and in many cases do not do so 100%.

    The insurance in this case gives us permanent financial assistance with which we can arrange to cover our usual expenses and obligations, which guarantees us peace of mind in case of a convalescence, an important point when being involved in situations that compromise our physical capacity .

    – Retirement savings fund

    Tranquility and well-being are the banner of life insurance. Therefore, this type of savings fund is also included among the most common benefits.

    In the United States there are several types of investment funds that are monitored by the government, in which a person can safely invest their money, in addition to obtaining fixed returns on their investment. This type of options is very common but like most systems to save, it has tax rates when it comes to having the money.

    Thus, the savings funds offered by insurers within their packages come into advantage since they are generally tax free, so you can receive and dispose of the money saved without the need to make the discounts that tax payments entail .

Choose a budget for the types of coverage

Already knowing the most common types of coverage, it is important to go to insurance companies that have the strength and support. The company with the most experience is AIG, which makes it the most advisable to purchase this product.

Now is the time to review our budget and choose the most convenient.
Here come into play other factors that influence the value you will pay monthly for your insurance for example, if you include old-age savings in your insurance, you will have to cancel a higher value.

If you are a person who smokes, you will usually pay more money for your insurance than a person who does not. So if you want to take care of your pocket you must have a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

But not in all cases you must pay more for your insurance; For example, a young person will pay less for their monthly premium than an older person. This can serve as an incentive for young people to think about our future with a broader projection.

In addition, women usually have to pay a lower premium. This is because, according to statistics, women have a longer life expectancy than men.
There are also insurance that are term. This means that you don’t hire them for your whole life, but for a certain period of time, which can be between 10 and 35 years. In this case, monthly premiums are cheaper.

Finally we know a little about this complex subject. Although the options that we expose are not the only ones, you will surely find some of these if you put yourself in the search of finding a solution to protect your future and that of your family. We understand that each person has different expectations and that is why companies raise diversity in their packages for the coverages they offer.

In general terms, these are the guidelines that you must take into account to acquire the best insurance, which in short turns out to be an option that offers benefits in life and choose the option that best suits the satisfaction of all the factors that develop in your life .