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Two young Colombians live in a difficult situation due to a car accident that caused serious injuries in the city of Denver State of Colorado – United States, Your family in Colombia seeks by all possible means to provide help to cover the costs of medical care that currently provide them.
Jennifer Serrano and Diego Zárate, two young people from Santander who traveled to Denver, United States, seeking to fulfill their dreams, but who were frustrated by a terrible car accident that happened on December 22, 2019.

The accident showed up at a red light when a car, allegedly driven by a drunk person, rammed them. According to the story of Jennifer’s Sister, the vehicle was totally destroyed, while her sister and brother-in-law had to be transferred urgently to the medical center because they present serious injuries after the accident.

Their family is very worried about them, because they have not been given more information about the evolution or the current state, and the Foreign Ministry has not communicated after multiple attempts asking for help.

The dismayed family has tried to send them money, but they state that: “It is difficult to help them in this situation, because the dollar has a very high cost, so the change in our weight is not enough, we are currently applying for a passport and visa to go see them, but they are procedures that take a long time, so we are asking for support from the chancery ”

No family answers ask for help with donations

Despite all the efforts made they still do not have support, they do not have more information about the status of their relatives, so Jennifer’s sister has decided to publish her story on twitter and thus request the help of anyone who wishes to donate resources , in this way being able to travel to the United States to take care of her sister who requires an operation.

The family’s pleas have been raised to the national government to ensure that the two young people have all the required medical attention, as they do not have legal advice to inform them if the car insurance will cover the expenses, so far they have not They have reported what will happen to the person who caused the accident.