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We define that car insurance is an indispensable requirement to be able to have a free movement with the vehicle. The cost of it is usually very widespread, considered by the majority of high drivers.
Companies that offer car insurance analyze different customer factors, such as:

Driving history: this analyzes the history and the driving history of the client to define the rate to be applied, for example, if the client has had several accidents the rate will rise greatly, while if the price has a clean history I would not have to increase.

Important factors

Age of the driver: it is one of the most important factors to analyze, because if the driver is someone long-lived, they will have a decreasing capacity as well as an unfavorable physical condition, while if the driver is very young, inferences that most likely do not comply with the established rules to drive a vehicle, in any case, age is a relevant factor.

Experience time: this is proportionally related to the previous factor, because depending on the age of the driver, so will your driving experience, also if the driver has worked or works doing such action, for obvious reasons you will have a greater experience than of other drivers.

Type of vehicle: Like the other causes or factors, the type of vehicle is also decisive in order to determine a rate, since the repair cost of a large vehicle is not the same as that of a small vehicle.

We differentiate then that there are several factors on the client to determine a price based on the insurance offered, but there are also other factors that are totally external to the client, however they are of great importance, some being:
Geographic area: there are certain areas because of their location generate a higher type of insurance charges, either due to a higher accident or crime rate, as well as natural disasters that greatly affect vehicles.

Crime rate: it is directly related to the geographical area, because in areas marginalized by violence, vehicle thefts increase greatly.

Crash rate: there are territories where the roads are damaged or in poor condition, which generates a crash rate that increases exponentially.

We conclude then that the above causes are very relevant when defining the cost of vehicle insurance and this would explain why in most cases it is so high.

In the text published in “Free Way Blog”, the firm “Quadrant Information Services” was given the task of making a segmentation of insurance prices according to the geographical area in the United States and defined that these five have the lowest prices As for the insurance rate:

Vehicle insurance cost

Maiane: This state is located in the northeast region of the country, has an average annual cost of $ 889, thus occupying the number one position with the most economical range to buy car insurance. This rate is justified thanks to the fact that said state has a low population concentration and consequently a much lower crime and accident rate.

Iowa: it is located near the central part of the country, the range of the annual cost of insurance is $ 985, said cost is argued based on low population density and low accident rate.

Wisconsin: It is a state of great territorial extension located in the central area of ​​the country, it is attributed a low cost of vehicle insurance averaged annually of only $ 987, this because the offer of such insurance is extensive and diverse so Drivers have a great possibility of coverage.

Idaho: It is a huge state, located in the western region of the country, the annual average cost of insurance is $ 1,011, said cost is relatively low and affordable for drivers of this state.

North Carolina: located to the west of the country, has an annual average range of $ 1022, a relatively lower or lower price than the rest of the states of this country.

We conclude that thanks to the study and analysis carried out by the firm “Quadrant Information Services” and its publication in “Free Way Blog”, we can know (in addition to its geographical location in the country), which are the states with the best costs to our budget when purchasing insurance for vehicles. With the previous information we can decide which place is best suited for the purchase of insurance, taking care of the economy of drivers.