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Traveling to know the United States is undoubtedly one of the big dreams that many human beings have. Visiting the different cities that make up the US territory, will allow you to meet new people, other cultures, different ways of living, eating, and understanding that each place has its charm.

When travelers think about going to the United States, they imagine that everything will be great. It is not unreasonable to say that people prepare for the new and pleasant experiences they will live, but they are not ready to face the possible negative experiences they have to overcome during the time they remain away from home.

Health in the United States is not favorable, in fact, it is more expensive than you can imagine, and that is why it is important to buy a good travel insurance to prevent the experience in North American territory from becoming a real nightmare. Of course, it is not mandatory to purchase insurance, but it could prevent them from paying high prices for inconveniences that may arise.

Travel to the United States you can achieve your dream

It is important that they are aware of the costs to pay for medical services, in case of presenting a hypothetical health problem, so, to get an idea, the price of an emergency medical visit is around € 3,300, a MRI can cost € 1,150, and thus, prices in health services that we are not accustomed to paying in our countries of origin.

After making comparisons and experiencing in my own flesh the problems that may arise on American soil, I recommend MONDO as the best insurance option. Because of its cost / benefit ratio, there is no equal, it allows you to communicate through an application with doctors, report loss of personal items and other mishaps that occur during the trip.

When choosing MONDO as travel insurance, it is important to recognize that this company has three types of coverage: MONDO tranquility, MONDO top and MONDO premium. The prices between the three do not have much difference, especially if we take into account that what we are paying, is for our well-being and that of the people who will accompany us during the trip.

MONDO premium is the most expensive plan, although the difference, as I wrote in the previous paragraph, is not abysmal. It is worth the effort to pay it because it certainly stands out above the rest.
If I had to recommend one of the three plans, of course it would be the premium. And its coverage is so excellent that it allows people to travel with total peace of mind. I will break down your benefits below:
-Medical expenses: € 500,000 for illness or accident (including transit). In addition, € 350 of dental expenses.
-Theft and damage to luggage: This item includes robberies, fires, aggressions or damages in the transfer up to € 3,000.
-Repatriation or early return: This, in case of illness or death.


  • Delays at departure or arrival: Covers up to a total of € 300 if the means of transport takes longer than is due.

    -Displacement of a relative: The displacement of a relative or companion in case of hospitalization or death. In addition, up to € 1000 of accommodation costs will be paid to the person who has to travel.
  • Civil liability insurance: € 60,000 in civil liability and judicial expenses. No one is free to cause harm to third parties by mistake.
    -Legal assistance: This covers up to € 3,000 for your criminal liability defense while you are out of the country. A lawyer can always help you in criminal matters, especially when the laws of the visited place are unknown.

-Legal assistance: This covers up to € 3,000 for your criminal liability defense while you are out of the country. A lawyer can always help you in criminal matters, especially when the laws of the visited place are unknown.

-Products 24 hours assistance: Transmission of urgent messages, cancellation of credit cards to avoid any problems you have in the event of possible loss or theft, among others.

-Cancellations, delays or loss of services: Here, the return of vacations not taken up to € 3,000 is included: Also, the departure of an unplanned flight, the change of hotel or the departure of an alternative means of transport not provided until for € 180, among other benefits that can be more than useful.

-Additional compensation for accidents: In the event of death or disability due to an accident, MONDO premium offers a coverage of up to € 25,000, which amounts to € 50,000 if the event occurs on a means of public transport.

Following the instructions in this article, he did not hesitate to say that they will be ready to make their trip to the United States safely. This country located in North America offers incredible and unforgettable experiences to all its visitors, and to enjoy what the cities that make up the United States offer us, it becomes almost essential to have good insurance, which makes it possible for people walk calmly in every desired place.