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If you are thinking of going to the United States, you should know that the hospital costs there are very high and that you need to use medical insurance to travel to that country. The American medical service is listed as the most expensive in the world. Therefore, it would be highly recommended to access one of them to avoid inconvenience when you are there on vacation or business.

As is well known, the United States is a country where millions of people annually come to vacation. Some want to go to Disney World, New York, The Grand Canyon, etc. So, the unsuspecting tourist can be a victim of some fatality during their stay because of the large influx of people every year, who seek to have fun or take advantage of the unsuspecting.

The sociocultural change that American culture can present can cause tourists to make some mistakes when interacting with American people and norms. Without the economic limitations that usually occur when you exchange your money for US dollars.

There are two classes of people who travel to the United States: the first, the one that can be easily accessed with only the Electronic Travel Authorization System.

The second, which makes it difficult for him to obtain his visa, since he cannot afford the Electronic Travel Authorization System. It should be remembered that the US health system is totally private and that there is no socialized system that exists in other countries. Therefore, everyone is responsible for the medical costs that arise during the trip. The tourist must pay from his own pocket the mishaps that occur if he does not have travel insurance.

One of the issues to consider when buying travel insurance is that in the United States there is no price control for medical procedures. A simple visit to the emergency room could be between $ 10,000 and $ 85,000. The stay in an American hospital can range between $ 30,000 and $ 90,000. A whole eye of the face for those who only live from being employees. The financial blow can be devastating if there are no measures to alleviate these types of situations.

It is normal for people who want to spend a season in the United States to pay for medical insurance that could get them out of financial trouble after a catastrophe. Among the different offers promoted by the different companies responsible for such services in the US, there are two plans:

The first, fixed coverage, which provides low-cost coverage, but whose scope is limited; the second, comprehensive coverage, is the opposite of the first plan, has a higher cost, but its coverage is much better, ideal for those who are going to do extreme sports or work in areas of high danger.

Generally, people choose to buy the comprehensive coverage plan. The flexibility in the purchase of travel insurance plans and their responsibility, allow people with pre-existing medical conditions for people of a certain age can access them. In that sense, comprehensive coverage plans allow the user to make bill payments without the need to use cash.

On the other hand, there are offers that go beyond the usual coverage of physical damages, there are companies that provide travel cancellation insurance.

The advantage is that in addition to covering certain travel stipends, you have covered expenses for medical emergencies and reimbursement of travel costs if by any chance you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason.

For those who have a busy and constantly changing agenda, this is a financial advantage over other travel insurance plans. In addition, it provides coverage for the loss of your luggage, death due to dismemberment and interruption of travel, and other services that are useful for those who would like to visit the northern country.

Of course, it is recommended that, when purchasing an insurance plan, check what it says in the certification that the insurance company issues, so that you are aware of what you buy and do not have to pay for an additional service anymore ahead.

Well, although the United States is considered by different international organizations as a safe place to live or vacation, there may be shootings, terrorist accidents, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and other human and natural catastrophic events. Therefore, you have to be well prepared for any emergency.

The exclusions that medical insurance for travel to the US can present are normal to any other. That does not cause major problems if you will need a medical service. However, there are a wide range of plans that may resemble each other, for this reason, you should carefully review the quotes you make in the different companies that are interested in buying insurance. It is better to consult with an expert in the US if you are not sure which one to choose.

It is better to spend a little more than budget on travel insurance that will allow you to take advantage of your stay in the United States in a pleasant and safe way. In the short, medium and long term it will be much cheaper than if laziness or distrust does not access one. So, warned soldier does not die in war.