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United States: A country where acquiring travel insurance is almost a necessity

More and more people are planning to have the perfect vacation and choose the United States as a destination, since there are a lot of tourist attractions that can be enjoyed as a couple, with family or simply with a large number of friends.

Today we will talk about a topic of great importance when it comes to planning a vacation and more to a country like this, since health there is completely privatized and costs are very high; It is here that the importance of thinking not only of airline tickets or lodging lies, but also of acquiring travel insurance that not only includes medical expenses due to accident or illness but also covers medications, lost luggage or documents, damages to third parties, flight delays, robberies and in more delicate cases and complex surgeries, dental emergencies and repatriations.

Medical insurance with international coverage

Before you start talking about travel insurance it is important to clarify that it is not the same to talk about medical insurance with international coverage to talk about specific travel insurance, nor about travel insurance linked to a credit card, medical insurance only covers hospital medical care and these usually work by reimbursing medical expenses, which means that they provide the service but you must return the money in a certain time, medical insurance is usually acquired for one year and contemplates limits of age, while travel insurance adapts to the type of trip you are going to make and according to the need you have, they also take into account other types of services not only hospital doctors and cover particular services according to the age of people who are going to travel, meanwhile travel insurance associated with credit cards only cover the incidents associated with services that have been acquired with it and the money coverage is usually much less.

Travel insurance is offered by a large number of companies and the costs are related to the country of origin, the number of days the country will be visited and the activities that will be developed during the holidays, because it is not the same a Travel insurance to visit Disney World that one that involves extreme sports or long road trips.

The best way to know which is the most appropriate insurance according to the type of trip you are thinking of making is to enter different pages where they offer insurance, usually in these pages they manage a search engine where you can enter data such as the country of origin, the Where you go, the number of people and the ages of the people traveling, the dates of entry and exit, there is a quote according to the information you provide and they also advise you to purchase travel insurance more complete and at the lowest possible cost.

Planning is that travel insurance

Something very relevant that you should know when planning is that travel insurance can be purchased before the trip or directly at the destination, many online portals recommend acquiring it directly in the United States since the benefits are better and these may be less expensive, it should be noted that not all insurance agencies offer you the same benefits when traveling, nor do they contemplate all the activities you are going to do and have exclusion clauses like all insurance, so when choosing you must compare and find the one that best suits what you are going to develop.

It is important to remember that not all people think about getting travel insurance for short stays but it is necessary to think about acquiring it since it would bring you great advantages when presenting any impasse and more if you travel with your whole family or with your friends.

It is better before you start looking for our travel insurance to give us a clear idea of ​​the expenses that you will have to incur if you decide not to invest in travel insurance, in the United States a visit to the doctor can be around 450 dollars, at a emergency room at $ 3,300 or appendicitis surgery at $ 11,600 and according to some travelers portals Premium insurance that can reach coverage of $ 500,000 can be between $ 55 and $ 77 for a stay of only 7 days, these Premium denominated insurance includes medical expenses, disability, death, damage to third parties, legal assistance and theft or damage to luggage, they are one of the most complete in the market and there are several companies that offer them, in addition if you require less coverage insurance They also offer them but you would not have the benefits mentioned above.