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What you should keep in mind for your auto insurance in the United States

Insurance is in many of the countries of the world mandatory for every citizen who has a car, and that is that insurance is not bought only to comply with a law implemented by a country or a region but also to safeguard the lives of people who are They find on the tracks.

At the same time that it is not only an act to take care of people’s assets but also an act of responsibility towards the life of oneself and other people.

Insurance is and should be taken into account by people before buying a car, and should be considered as a fixed expense in the budget of a family or an individual annually. Even for people who consider themselves good drivers and who think that nothing will ever happen to them, the truth is that anything can happen and more if we talk about situations on the road, where you not only depend on your ability to drive but also that of other people.

In order to take out insurance, you must have the financial capacity to pay the damages that you cause in the event of a possible traffic accident, this in almost all countries of the world, however we have some exceptions, and it is in the case of New Hampshire, one of the many States of the United States of America, there we see that if they study the financial capacity of the insurance contractor but the difference is that they do so after the traffic accident occurs, not before as in the other states of the North American country.

SOAT service in Colombia

We can also see the case of Colombia, in Colombia we have the so-called SOAT, which is the Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance, which has a different cost depending on the type of vehicle and must be renewed by the owner every year.

If the SOAT is not active and is rolling through the Colombian territory, the citizen is prone to be fined by any transit agent or even by the multiple photo camera cameras installed in the country, which through a new system connected to the network identifies vehicles that go through their radar that do not have all the necessary regulations for their safe bearing.

In this country they do not study your financial capacity to make use of the SOAT, since this is mandatory for every Colombian citizen with a car. That is why the coverage is the basic one in case of traffic incidents, however, there are insurers that offer this SOAT but in “Premium”, these insurances are much more complete than the basic one, even many of them are all risk insurance, for any situation covers you, such as a total loss of the vehicle. It is also very common to see life insurance.

Insurance has different coverage and obviously for each one there is a different price and you must have a greater or lesser financial capacity. It is divided into six types of coverage and are the following:

– Liability for physical injuries.
-Liability for property damage.
-Payment of medical expenses or Personal Injury Protection.
-Coverage against all risks.
-Coverage against driver without insurance / with insufficient insurance.

As I mentioned before, not all insurances have a fixed price, this varies according to your financial capacity and according to the insurance with which you want to cover yourself. So you must quote with one of the insurers, they will ask you for information to be able to quote you one of the insurances they offer, these aspects are:

-Your address.
-Your driving record.
-Your credit.
-Your previous claims.
-Your vehicle.
-Your daily trip to go to work and / or your annual miles.

Quote the insurance you want to buy

All this is taken into account to be able to quote the insurance that you are going to buy because each person has a different situation, has a different vehicle and uses that vehicle to a greater or lesser extent.

For example, a person who uses his vehicle every day will need much more coverage than a person who only uses it on weekends since by common sense the person who uses it most is more likely to have a traffic accident than A person who spends it at home.

This factor is also taken into account to give the price to your insurance, if your vehicle is going to be inactive and stored in a garage for a good while while you are at home clearly the price of your insurance will tend to be reduced considerably since As I told you before, you will not give much use to your insurance.

You can get a quote for your insurance from:
Local insurance agents
Sites that provide budgets for multiple insurers
Directly with an insurer.